Saturday, 24 October 2015


Freelance designer internship with The Royal Melbourne Shows, Arts Crafts and Cookery Pavilion. Worked to design two colour placements prints for a tote bag and tea towel. Embracing a naive and nostalgic illustrative style that is simplistic and playful in nature. Sticky situation is inspired by the art of jam making, celebration all things jam related.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Enthused by a slice, exposed layers and disrupted texture. Admix; to build, layer and grow from a robust foundation to craft a melody across a surface and reinvent the outward exterior of a knitted structure. Nurture the basic to bloom the exceptional. Accentuating the unique integrity of a hand generated surface. Inspired by the offspring of the earth, the intricately cultivated rocks, mineral, gems and collections of layers. An assembly of four pieces blending knit and embroidery techniques together to encapsulate the projects intrigue into natural layered and built upon occurrences. Misty lilacs, soft blues, juicy tangerine and rich yellows bleed life into the compositions of the textile pieces to reveal what’s hidden ten feet below the ground in a playfully chaotic narrative. 


An industrial arrangement of environmental surfaces against stern raw concrete impressions. A cool contemporary collection embracing masculinity through the detail of natural textures, combined with calming neutral tones. Inspiration formed from delicate impressions and unique textures formed on the surface of wood, as well as bark formations, grained surfaces and fractured concrete exteriors. The collection embraces a contemporary and commercial take on natural ephemera and translates into a sophisticated and modern bedroom space.

Combining raw material inspiration from fractured concrete, timbered grains and peel away bark, tonal palettes of greys bring together magnified textures in a contemporary panel design.  Industrial surfaces made simplistic to set a modern and refined masculine backdrop to the boudoir. Subtle micro pattern printed on the reverse and trimmed with a shadowy grey piping.